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Join our Host Paula Matthews, as she takes on Kingdom relevant topics, including Kingdom Duties, as it relates to National and International Political and Social issues.

Find out what God is saying about the Church, the Governments of Nations, about His Kingdom Agenda for these End times, and how we should prepare ourselves for the EPIC Return Of Jesus Christ.

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We are witnessing the manifestation of many of the words that God spoke over the past ten years. Fortunately, prophetic words don’t expire until all things are completed to God’s satisfaction. As the Bible says, God’s word will not return to Him void, but it will accomplish what He desires and it will prosper in the thing He chooses (Isaiah 55:11).

“Lest We Forget, The Lord Our God”

This episode was originally aired in 2017. It was a powerful word from the Lord concerning judgment coming upon America and her leaders because of corruption, greed and arrogance.

“Kingdom Transformation: God Enforces His Covenant”

This episode aired during the time of the 2016 Presidential Election. God spoke a stern word about how He would step into America and set His people free from the Spirit of Pharaoh that rests on the land.

“Enough Is Enough,” Says God

In this episode, Paula Matthews delivers a strong prophetic warning that came from a vision entitled, “Two Trains.” The Lord demonstrated in that vision that every day life in America was about to be derailed by the Rock of Salvation, Jesus Christ, Himself.


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