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Taking Back The Night (Released March 18, 2021)
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Author Paula Matthews presents a stunning prophetic analysis of corruption in America. Evils normally done at Night under cover of darkness are boldly displayed in the light of Day. Yet, God has declared that “Righteousness shall prevail” in America! He will uphold His covenant for the “handful” of believers who still trust Him. God also reveals the state of the nation. According to the media, the country is in a global pandemic amid election fraud allegations, racial tensions, economic woes, and climatic phenomenon. These are the news headlines, yet Almighty God is speaking something remarkably different. While the American media is claiming that COVID cases have escalated, and health officials have rolled out the latest vaccines, God has declared that “COVID is dead!” He also declared that “Before the end of the year [2021], COVID will be removed from the face of the earth.” The media is hailing a “new chief” in the White House, but God continues to say, what He declared months prior to the 2020 Election, that “Donald J. Trump is the President.” God has not changed His mind, nor will He. So, what is going on?

According to God, “America is under a strong delusion.” God says, “The 2020 Election was a crime committed in an attempt to stop what God has destined for the welfare of America.” He called the media, the voice of “the false prophet.” America’s liberty was stolen by what God calls “a wicked counsel” of men and women who “sold this nation to the highest bidder.” This counsel has its reaches even to the Supreme Court. This book identifies specific government officials that God labels, “The Four Horsemen of Their Own Apocalypse.” According to God, they “exploited African Americans” in order to commit “treason” against the United States. God accused them of using satanic powers in an attempt to bring about apocalyptic events that would bring America and the world to a cataclysmic end. Their plans have been foiled. God showed in a vision that the “skirts” of these four people will be lifted over their heads and their nakedness exposed to the entire world. The Court of Heaven’s judgment against them is to appear before a “firing squad.” Is this a literal firing squad? Only God knows for sure. He also decreed a “Divine Reversal” for all that these criminals have done.

The Lord has declared by His Spirit that we have embarked upon a “new era” in which “the wisdom of men is over.” God is taking back the earth, its people and possessions for His Kingdom purpose. Therefore, whatever is not of God, will collapse and fail in this era. “It shall not stand.” God is about to prove that the Night belongs to Him. Some of Almighty God’s greatest acts of deliverance happen at Night, under the cover of darkness. This is His Season of Power. We are about to witness a magnificent show of Light, Thundering’s and Divers Manifestations of God’s Power that will change the course of human history, even in Day!

The War Journal (2011-2020) Volume III,
The Healing And Restoration Of America (Released October 4, 2020)

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“The war of the gods has begun.” America continues to be at war against God, and judgment is expected to put an end to the evil manipulations and witchcraft that has been forged against the people of the nation. In this book Ms. Matthews identifies by names the leader whom God said has committed treason against the United States while vying for the White House. She also identifies the specific demonic spirits that are influencing certain leaders and the intercession that has gone forth for their deliverance before God’s judgment falls upon them.

This volume also identifies God’s position on the 2020 Election. It’s not about who wins, but it is about whom America will serve? All the while, the “Winds of God” are here to propel His people to greatness. His glory will be revealed in 2020 and beyond. It will promote some and pull down others. It will Bless the faithful and curse those who oppose God. This is God’s “Grand Finale” before Jesus returns; God will be rewarding both the good and the evil for their persistence. Almighty God will uphold His covenant with the United States, for the sake of the “handful” of faithful believers who are standing on their faith for the salvation and prosperity of the land.

Becoming People Of Integrity
(Release April 20, 2020)

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In an age where the world seems to dishonor both God and their leaders, one woman is challenged to take a giant leap of faith. God commanded her to “Wage a warfare” against a politically motivated and media driven panic over what was being called a “global pandemic.” Her quest was to prove the Integrity of God’s word; to prove that God is really who the Bible says He is, and that He will do what the Bible says He would do.

Author Paula Matthews tells of her journey of faith, from seeing God’s promises as only an illusion to seeing them fully manifest before her eyes. All that was required was that she leave behind her cultural indoctrination and the American way of thinking, to follow after God’s Integrity.

Living In The Faith Zone
Locked And Loaded
(Released February 19, 2020)

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Every athlete and performer understands what it’s like “being in the zone.” It’s the place where you feel invincible, a place where you cannot lose. You seem to do great feats with incredible ease, and without trying. Being in the zone is surreal, but at the end of a great task the reward reminds you that it was all too real.

In these final days before the return of Jesus, the Lord said that His people would have to become “Olympic Athletes in the Spirit realm.” They must be locked and loaded with faith to do the impossible!

I Sought God And Met Him Face To Face
My Response To Heaven’s Invitation
(Released February 17, 2020)

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Frustrated with the religion of her past, Paula Matthews sought God for answers about her purpose and direction in life. God responded by saying, “Seek My Face.” She took out her Bible and began looking for God at a deeper level. He continued to beckon her with these same exact words for months. Then she was led by the Holy Spirit to leave her home in the Midwest and move to Los Angeles in search of God’s power.

One night, before going to bed, she asked God to explain what He meant by saying, “Seek My Face.” He responded, “I want you to draw close to Me.” When she asked, “How close can I get?” God responded, “How close do you want to be?” Out of her spirit came these words, “I don’t want there to be any distance between . . .” Before she could finish that sentence, her spirit leaped out of her body, and she found herself in Heaven face to face with Almighty God.

For the first time in over twenty years, Ms. Matthews shares in great detail, her many Heavenly visitations. From face to face talks with the Father, to a meeting of the apostles, to a visit with Jesus to The Lord’s Amory and The War Room to learn strategy for God’s earthly Kingdom. Ms. Matthews shares some of what she has seen and heard in Heaven. She also shares prophetic messages that have equipped her for an unusual, yet powerful apostolic ministry for these end-times.