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The Prophecy Of Two Trains

The Lord gave me a vision in which it seemed like two video tracks were playing. I say video tracks, but they also looked like two train tracks carrying two different types of people. On the one train track, I saw things that were happening on the earth, things that were happening day-to-day. On the other train track, I saw things happening that were based on what God was saying. I heard God speak things; and things happened. I heard God telling things to move, and things moved. He said, “Let there be this . . .” It happened. I heard God speak abundance. I heard God speak health and deliverance. It all happened on this one train track which was “Life And Abundance.”

Now, on the other track there were things of “Everyday Life In America.” People were shooting. They were killing. They were deceiving . . . just going on and on. The Word of God was being preaching, but it was like nobody on this train was hearing. They’re just going on and on. Then the Lord showed that down the track was what looked like a stone wall. Here is the crazy thing. The stonewall appeared to be on the track of both trains. The side that was attached to “Everyday Life In America” was a stonewall with no opening. Which means it was coming at a fast pace and was about to hit this wall. On the other side, where the train of “Life And Abundance” was, it was coming to the same spot on its track, but there was an opening, like a tunnel, and let the train to go straight through.

I asked the Lord to explain what I was seeing. He said that the stone wall, of course is Jesus, the rock of offense. The Word of God that offends mankind, is going to be our final judgment. Therefore, the train of “Everyday Life In America” was headed for destruction. These are the people who are living according to how they see and how they feel or how they think, according to the media, to news and politicians. That train is getting ready to crash. It has to crash. Everybody on board died. The train of “Everyday Life In America” hit the stonewall and derailed sharply, and everybody on the train died.

The other train passed thru the stonewall because there was an opening. It was safe. The two train tracks were the different words we believe. The one was the world’s word versus God and His Kingdom’s Word. For those who are on the track of “Life And Abundance,” you’re going to go thru this life with God’s Grace. Those on the “Everyday Life In America” track are about to be derailed and destroyed.

The Lord said, He sent His Word to save the world from destruction, but in America . . . nobody is trying to get on the Life train, because in America we don’t see the value in it. Nobody is able to see the roadblock at the end, unless God reveals it to them. They were told that God would judge them by His Word, but nobody is really paying attention. Jesus came to give us abundant life (John 10:10). God said, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live (Deuteronomy 30:19).” Since people have rejected life the only thing that’s left is death. Life and Abundance awaits all who will trust God regardless of the distractions!

The Bible says, “A faithful man shall abound with blessings (Proverbs 28:20).”

Will you be the one?

We Can Have What God Says

“As kids we played, Let’s Pretend what we will have or what we will be. But this life in Christ, we don’t have to pretend. We can have what God says, if we don’t faint due to pain, sickness, and unbelief. If we don’t receive, it’s because we never really believed. Ask, Seek, Knock!”

Are You Watching The Puppets On The Stage?

In this vision, saw this larger than life arena that had a huge stage. On the stage was a performance that had captured the attention of the entire world. The Lord pulled back the scene and I saw a puppet master hovering over the stage, pulling the strings of every performer.

Then I heard the Lord say, “The performance is being narrated by the news media.” Wow! It hit me. Very few people could see the puppet master and even fewer heard his voice behind the script the news people were reading. This was a deception extraordinaire indeed, but why?

Recently, the Lord gave me a disturbing vision about what was going on in the world. It’s a master deception that has even deceived God’s people, but He said before that “a great test is coming.” This vision proves that it is already here.
The question remains for us all. “Will we pass the test?”

God explained that there was “something more extraordinary” going on in
the world that the puppet master (that old devil) could not stop. All he could
do was use deception to distract the people of the world. Then the Lord showed me “something more powerful going on outside of that arena.”

Money was being transferred. Power was being transferred. Homes and properties were being transferred. Miraculous healings were taking place. God was answering the most impossible prayers, but only a few saw what God was doing, therefore only a few could receive this tremendous Blessing.

Those who were captivated by the stage performance never saw the Blessing. They were too wrapped up in the actors performing on the stage. Here is what the theater audience never realized. “The performance was a set up, a distraction, to keep the people from seeing and enjoying the powerful move of God to Bless His people.”

God has a plan to Bless us, and the devil wants to stop us from receiving. The devil cannot stop God. His only recourse is to “deceive the whole world (Revelation 12:9). That’s his job. He’s on it, and so are the faithful remnant of believers who see the truth behind the performance. Blessed are their eyes to see and their ears to hear, what others cannot see or hear. These are people of faith. They are in position to receive the Blessing during this great move of God.

It began with the word that they heard from God. They believed God and put His word in their mouths. The Bible says we shall have whatever we say (Mark 11:23). If they had repeated what the performers in that arena were saying, they would have had that as well. People don’t seem to understand the relationship between what they say and what happens to them in life. This is a highly prophetic season.

Our words are quickly coming to pass. “Life and death are in the power of the
tongue.” Those who love it will eat the fruit of it (Proverbs 18:21). We live and die by the words we speak. In the vision, the words of the puppet master were words
of death. The words of God are words of faith. They are words of life that bring forth the Blessing of the Lord. Receive the word of the Lord concerning the Blessing today!

God says, “The Blessing is here!” This is a “new era to promote the Blessing in the earth! The season of the curse with its lies, and deception is over! Those who want it will be dead!” God has declared a new season for The Blessing. He goes on to say, “My Will is done in America . . . bondages will be broken off of the nation!”

(NOTE: This was how God describe COVID. It was a staged performance.)

Article Reprint from Grace For Living Magazine 2020 Fall Digital Edition,

“Are You Watching The Puppets On The Stage?”, page 11