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This Is The Break Point

God has declared that America and the world at large have met a “BREAK POINT.” God has heard the prayers of His people, and just like He did at Mount Perazim (II Samuel 5:20) and at Gibeon (Joshua 10:12-14), The Lord of the Breakthrough is here to vindicate His people. “When the enemy shall come […]

Showdown In The Streets

In this episode, Paula Matthews compares the position of Christian believers to that of the gunslingers in the showdowns from the old time western films. The devil is calling believers out of the church building to a duel in the streets in order to prove whose god is God. The Lord says, “We’re there!” It’s […]

Our LIGHT Has Come

The Bible says that the Lord will lighten our darkness (II Samuel 22:29). In this episode, the Holy Spirit declares that “Our LIGHT Has Come.” The Glory of the Lord has arisen upon His people to show them the path of life and prosperity in the midst of the darkness. God is enlightening His people […]

They Shall Fall Like Dagon!

This episode contains a powerful message of judgment from Almighty God concerning the leaders who have compromised and mixed the Holiness of God with the profanity of men. God is calling for leaders of the Church, of government and industry to repent before they publicly fall, some in sickness, some in insanity like Nebuchadnezzar of […]

America, Your Calamity Is Here!

The prophetic word in this episode contains a two-fold message. God has declared calamity upon the leaders of the nation who have refused God’s counsel and did not turn at His rebuke (Proverbs 1:25). Just like God had to send plagues against Egypt in order to set His people free, so shall it be when […]

Let God Be True!

This episode contains a timely prophetic message for believers, exhorting them to walk by faith and not by sight. God reveals that the story about the vaccine is political, “It’s not true. It’s all deception. It’s all distraction from the real purpose for life.” The world system is promoting the curse and death, but Jesus […]

“All Is Well” In God’s Kingdom

This episode exhorts the listener to seek refuge in God’s Kingdom during these end of last days before Jesus’ return. Paula Matthews shows us how to give an “offering” to God that is more than our money. It means giving our all to the Father. This type of “offering” elevates us to a place in […]

God Says, “COVID Is DEAD!”

This powerful episode exposes God’s word against COVID and it’s political and demonic roots. It also exhorts God’s people to wage war against the “weapon” that was sent in an attempt to stop the Blessing from going forth in America and throughout the nations of the earth. COVID IS DEAD, but GOD’S Word Is ALIVE […]

Be Grateful

This episode contains an encouraging and uplifting message about God’s sovereignty in the events that are happening in the earth. No matter who bad it looks in America, God declared Psalm 125:3, “For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto […]

Come Up Higher!

In this episode, God declares that His Glory has arisen upon His people as prophesied in Isaiah 60:1-2. Now the Father is saying to all believers to “Come Up Higher” to His ways and His thoughts in order to receive their promises. To survive the trouble that is coming upon the earth it is required […]