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Are You Discerning The Lord’s Body?

This episode was first broadcast in September of 2013. This is a close look at communion as remembrance of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. However it is possible that many Christians are taking communion “unworthily” because of how they treat one another in the Body of Christ. God won’t forgive us, if we do not […]

This Is The Apocalypse

What does the Bible say about “The Apocalypse?” Most people have the wrong idea about what it is. According to God, we are there now. In this episode, Paula Matthews also reveals whom God called, “The Four Horsemen Of Their Own Apocalypse.” Links: Taking Back The Night by Paula Matthews on Amazon. WARNING: The Apocalypse […]

Truth Shall Prevail In America

In this episode, Paula Matthews speaks a strong prophetic word from the Lord concerning what is about to happen in America. According to God, the nation is under a “strong delusion,” because they don’t have a love of the truth. That is all about to change. There is a “divine reversal” in play. The “works […]