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Partnering With God

This episode introduces an important Biblical concept of Christianity. Paula Matthews explains how believers were never meant to get saved to do their own thing. They are “new creatures” in Christ (II Corinthians 5:17), the “workmanship” of God to do His will in the earth (Ephesians 2:10). In this teaching, the audience will understand why […]

The War Of The Gods Over America

In this episode, Paula Matthews gives God’s analysis of the 2020 Election, in which He declared that “The war of the gods has begun.” According to God, the election was about, “Whom America will serve.” God has also declared that “Righteousness will prevail in America.” This would seem impossible with the current administration in the […]

It’s Not About America, It’s About God’s Kingdom!

With so many prophets of the Church making declarations about President Donald Trump and America, Paula Matthews takes listeners “Up Higher” to see the Bigger Picture of what God is doing in the Kingdom worldwide. Although God is using America, His plan and purpose is much greater than one person or one nation. God is […]

What’s In Your Heart?

In this episode, God wants His people to examine what occupies their hearts. In a world of great deception, many are becoming distracted, not realizing that this is the enemy’s tactic to remove them from the promises of God. This is a season in which God will reward every person according to the motives and […]

We Have The Victory!

In this episode, Paula Matthews reveals a prophetic word of Victory for the Body of Christ. This message encourages believers to imitate their Heavenly Father and call forth light in the midst of gross darkness in the world. Faith comes by hearing what the Spirit is speaking and speaking that solution into the earth. Faith […]

God Cannot Be Stopped!

As the world is talking about a virus, political strife and racial issues, God reveals another side of the story, that is good and not evil. This episode is a message of encouragement to those who have a promise from God. It’s not that evil is taking over. No! It’s quite the opposite. God is […]

“It’s All Over,” Says God

You should know that if God’s says that something is over, it is definitely over. This is a word of judgment against those who continue to disobey Him. The Spirit of Pharaoh must let God’s people go to serve Him! Sin in America is full. “It’s all over.” God is honoring His covenant with believers […]

It’s Time To Restore God’s Earthly Kingdom

It’s the year 2021, and the entire world has been turned upside down, but it’s not what most people have been told by the media. God is moving by His Spirit to restore His earthly Kingdom in all of its glory. The enemy knows that his time of deceiving the whole world is finished. It’s […]

Know Your Purpose

This episode is an original broadcast from 2017, but the message resonates even more today. God has a purpose for every person. They, that don’t know their purpose, will surely be led by every wind of doctrine and controversy that blows in the land. The world system is leading people like sheep to the slaughter. […]

Will You Be Made Whole?

Restoration is the focus of this episode. Paula Matthews asks listeners if they would be willing to let go of their pasts, their prejudices, their evil discussions and sin, to be made whole. She explains that God wants us healed, delivered, whole in every area of our lives, so that we would be be fit […]