Tag: Prophecy for 2023

Hallowed Be Thy Name

In this episode, Paula Matthews reveals what God thinks about Halloween and how it is a mockery of the “Hallowedness” of the Holy God. For unbelievers, this is acceptable because they have no covenant with God. But for those who name the Name of Jesus Christ, it is treasonous to be a citizen of the […]

America: From Lawlessness To Righteousness

In this episode Paula Matthews releases an urgent message about the conditions in America and the consequences God said must occur because of the lack of integrity not only of the nation’s leaders, but also of Christians in the land. This is a message that contains both good news and bad news. America has a […]

Pride Comes Before The Fall

This episode approaches the gay pride agenda from God’s Kingdom point of view. Author Paula Matthews reveals that God’s Hand is on the gay population for a grand purpose in these last days before Jesus returns. She also makes a clear distinction between the gay pride political agenda and gay people in general. Although Proverbs […]

The Battle Is The Lord’s

In this episode, Paula Matthews explains how the Battle Royale continues as the leaders of nations have set themselves against the LORD God and His Anointed. However the tide of evil has turned with a “DIVINE REVERSAL” of the enemy’s plots and schemes. Almighty God has set a battle array against the evil doers in […]

Manifesting The Light Of His Glory

This is the final episode of the series on God’s Glorious Kingdom arising in the earth. This message contains a call for action to those who hunger and thirst for everything God has predestined for their lives. This is a call to be the Light in this dark world; to follow the Voice of the […]

2023: The Year Of God’s Redeemed!

In this episode, Paula Matthews releases a recent prophecy about what to expect in the New Year, which begins with the Jewish Rosh Hashana. The Lord has declared “A Resurgence Of Righteousness In The Land” for America. God also speaks of prosperous times for His people. “It’s My Time to Bless the land and Its […]