Tag: God's Glorious Kingdom

America: From Lawlessness To Righteousness

In this episode Paula Matthews releases an urgent message about the conditions in America and the consequences God said must occur because of the lack of integrity not only of the nation’s leaders, but also of Christians in the land. This is a message that contains both good news and bad news. America has a […]

The Battle Is The Lord’s

In this episode, Paula Matthews explains how the Battle Royale continues as the leaders of nations have set themselves against the LORD God and His Anointed. However the tide of evil has turned with a “DIVINE REVERSAL” of the enemy’s plots and schemes. Almighty God has set a battle array against the evil doers in […]

Manifesting The Light Of His Glory

This is the final episode of the series on God’s Glorious Kingdom arising in the earth. This message contains a call for action to those who hunger and thirst for everything God has predestined for their lives. This is a call to be the Light in this dark world; to follow the Voice of the […]

Light Reveals Treasures Of Darkness

In this episode, Prophetess Paula Matthews shares a vision in which the Lord’s Hand revealed treasures of darkness and riches hidden in secret places. The Father who sees in secret is about to reward us openly, both bad and good. As God’s Glorious Church arises in the earth, His Light will expose not only what […]

Jesus, Light Of The World

We are continuing the series about God’s Glorious Church arising in the earth, focusing on the back story that led to the prophecies about Jesus’ Birth and His role as Light Of The World. This episode contains a message of hope and faith for the people of God in this and coming seasons. Immanuel, God […]

Let Your Light So Shine!

This episode continues on the topic of God’s Glorious Kingdom arising in the earth. Previously, we discussed how the true LIGHT is God’s word that leads to a prosperous path through the darkness. In this message, we explore what it means to let your light shine. It’s more than good works. God’s standard is the […]

Our Light Has Come

God’s Glorious Kingdom is arising in the earth! In a culture that considers itself “woke,” America has been shrouded in deep darkness. The people are in “gross darkness” according to Isaiah 60:2. The light inside of them is dark [evil, perverted, self-serving]. Those who have covenanted with Jesus Christ [The Light Of The World], have […]